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Project Spotlight:

Large-Scale decommissioning and
recycling in tight time frame

Industry: retail

Company description: one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers, and marketers of mobile communication media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players

Annual revenues: $50-100 billion

Relationship duration with GWS: 5+ years; 5,000+ work orders fulfilled annually; multiple rollouts completed

Services rendered: emergency services, store maintenance, installation, materials supply management, decommissioning and recycling, work order integration, rollouts

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I need to decommission a significant amount of product from stores around the world – and I need it done in less than a day! I also have to make sure that the service provider I hire can manage to my company’s GREEN initiatives and provide me with constant updates on project status.

Remove 1,516 aluminum feature bays from 353 stores around the world in 23 hours

17 countries, 5 continents

All service technicians required to complete work between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. local time for each store

All service technicians required to obtain recycling certificates within five business days of completed work
By the Numbers:

Services performed:

We partnered with a licensed, international recycling company to decommission and recycle several tons of aluminum. Through our network, we identified 11 vendors to deploy technicians around the world, sending the scope of work one month in advance, and coordinating communications one week, five days, and two days prior to the project kick-off to ensure that each store and each technician was aware of expectations.

Technology Solution:

Due to the international scope and very strict time frame, the client requested real-time updates on project status.  We created custom dashboards that gave a clickable overview of store completion by country, as well as time-stamped details for each individual store. Our team worked around the clock in six-hour shifts, fielding both domestic and international calls, texts, and emails from both technicians and store managers to verify project status and respond to issues.

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96% first technician trip decommission completion

100% complete upon second trip

100% of the needed recycling certificates were obtained and uploaded into the dashboard within the required 5-day timeframe
Project Results:

No matter what’s in store for your brand, we’ll be your strategic partner:

  • Rollouts
  • Store refreshes
  • New store set-up
  • Emergency services
  • Installation
  • Materials and supply management
  • Decommission and recycling
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