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Multi-national Telecommunications Company


Industry: corporate

Company description: an American multi-national telecommunications company providing communications, information, and entertainment products and services to consumers, businesses and governmental agencies.

Annual revenues: $100-150 billion

Relationship duration with GWS: 3+ years; 7,000+ work orders fulfilled annually over 700 locations

Services rendered: work order integration, office moving, furniture installation, technology disconnect/reconnect, decommissioning

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We get so many work orders, ranging from lock requests to workstation upgrades to actual moves! Our process is deconsolidated and ad hoc, so we continue to have to contact local service providers for each job – and because many have a minimum charge, we are wasting money. This process has gotten too big and too expensive to manage!


Services performed:

Our analysis of work ticket flow revealed that of the 700 office locations, nearly 90% of tickets originated from the 60 largest facilities. Ticket requests were widely diverse: furniture move requests, lock and key requests, warranty tracking, ordering and installation of ergonomic furniture, projects ranging from a single employee to an entire department, and more.

We consolidated and centralized the work ticket process, batching tickets into either weekly or monthly visits instead of daily visits. This change alone allowed the client to pay per visit instead of per ticket. We also reduced the very large pool of service providers down to 15 core service partners, each of whom knew the company space and culture, and consistently delivered high quality service.

Technology Solution:

Using our proprietary XPM tool, we built a specific module for the client that linked to their internal system to streamline the process:

  • After a requestor generates an email ticket request through the client's internal system, our tool parses the email ad auto-populates fields in XPM, eliminating manual entry
  • Within 24 hours, XPM acknowledges and assigns each ticket to a member of our Project Coordination team
  • Following completion of a ticket, XPM auto-generates a feedback survey to the requestor to determine satisfaction with the service performed. GWS uses this data to measure service partner performance, ensuring that all partners receive consistently high scores.
  • XPM generates regular reports for the client, showing number of tickets generated at each location, GWS’ performance against SLAs, and more

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$5 million in savings generated in the first two years of the program Project Results:

No project challenge is
too big for us to handle.