Who We Are


A group of people who think differently:

We like to think of ourselves as opportunists. Where many would see obstacles, we see options. Where many would see impossibility, we see innovation. We choose to look at things differently, because experience has taught us that our ability to be different things for different needs helps us transform the ways people work.

We do this because we have the audacity to believe that while change may not be easy, it should feel easy for our clients – regardless of the role we take in a project or partnership. We can go where you go, and grow where you grow, blending the right services and the best technology for your ever-evolving business needs.


A History of Process Creation. A Future of Process Innovation.

Think of us as an evolution: building on our foundation of 100 years of experience in the moving industry, we now develop, implement, and manage customized solutions for client challenges. We understand how organizations have changed, and we’ve changed, too - by hiring people with specialized talents to take on sophisticated work. Because we are process engineers, GWS tackles the most complex moving and workplace projects, developing new tools and methodologies that continue to refine the ways our clients approach their businesses. From projects to partnerships, GWS helps companies transform the workplace into a place where work is transformative. Let’s get to work.

GWS Healthcare movers
GWS Healthcare movers

A Team You Can Trust:

Our company’s culture is founded on the concept of team. When you work with us, you’ll see our commitment to understanding your company’s challenges, goals, and preferred methods of work – and we will adapt to them. Our goal is to become an integrated, invaluable member of your team – so it should come as no surprise that we continue to turn single projects into true partnerships, where we continue to work with our clients for years to come.

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