Introduction to GWS Retail

Our team of quality-trained professionals understands the special needs and time sensitive nature of the retail business. GWS Retail operates a global service model that is perfectly positioned to support new store openings, rollouts, renovations/remodels, installations and fixture touch-ups. With our wide array of solutions, we can help you create the type of environment you envisioned without any costly delays.

GWS Retail specializes in product distribution, delivery, installation and management of the complicated elements associated with retail fixtures. We offer a comprehensive project management process that ensures seamless, high-quality services focused on: Fixture Rollouts, Fixture Redistribution or Redeployment, New Store Openings, Store Renovations, Asset Management and Warehousing.


Integrated Retail Delivery

Our IRD model offers the integration and collaboration for all services required in a retail project. LEAN principles drive this integrated model of services to reduce waste and minimize touch points within a project. The GWS Retail team is best in class on all service levels and understands how to evaluate and streamline efficiencies, while providing focused communication to the project managers and key stakeholders. From conceptual design to procurement and through to disposition, our team can provide your organization with a single touch point of accountability and project management structure.

Retail Planning & Design

GWS IRD collaborates with GWS partners and architects to ensure our client’s brand vision is delivered.

Transportation Management

We provide integrated global transportation solutions with our trusted and vetted freight forwarder partners, giving our clients maximum flexibility in mode selection, security and cost savings.

Store Openings and Remodels

Our just-in-time delivery program maximizes shipping and delivery efficiencies of construction materials, fixtures and new store supplies. We can also provide qualified installers and on-site project management to ensure that our client’s retail stores open on time.

Fixture Rollouts

Our Optimization Software and extensive global final mile network allows for efficient rollouts.

Asset Management and Distribution

With global distribution centers, GWS Retail provides consistent and efficient deliveries to new or existing stores. The flexibility of the GWS Retail asset management solution allows adaptation to any of its clients sourcing and delivery strategies.

Maintenance Services

The GWS Retail team of skilled and experienced specialists ensures the maintenance, repair and refresh of the store, its assets and operational supplies.

Store Closings and Disposition

We provide a turn-key project management solution approach to retail store closings including de-branding, de-installation and asset disposition.

Global Trade and Compliance Services

Whether it is HTS Classification, Customs Clearance, or VAT recovery, the GWS Retail team assists its clients with a wide range of custom Trade & Export/Import services to ensure smooth entry into foreign markets.

Procurement Integration

GWS Retail provides complete integrated services with our clients’ procurement teams to ensure complete real time visibility to all points within the supply chain. This is accomplished by combining a robust supplier management program and our proprietary technology that integrates with common ERP software. These integrated services have saved GWS Retail clients significant administrative costs by eliminating duplicated processes between retailers and their suppliers.