Case Studies

  • Hospitality Owner and Developer | Chicago, Illinois
    This major hospitality provider is one of the fastest-growing, fully-integrated independent hotel ownership, development and management companies in the country. This company is aiming to continue their growth in the next three and a half years by opening more than 60 more hotels. Currently this company owns hotels in more than 20 states, and is continually expanding their reach to the East and West coasts. One of the hotels owned by this company was undergoing a construction project in which three separate hotels were being built directly next to each other. To complete the project, GWS provided Inventory Management, Warehousing, JIT local deliveries and Project Coordination services. GWS utilized our advanced inventory system to assure all three hotel products stayed organized and clearly identified even on combined deliveries to project site. GWS was then able to produce inventory reports to accounts exact needs and specifications. Request this case study >>

  • Construction Company | Gurnee, Illinois
    A leading Midwest based construction company that has more than 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry and more than 20 projects under their belt have become a great partners with GWS. During a construction project on a 210 room hospitality property a where each room was being completely replaced or refurbished, an unexpected fire started and destroyed more than half of the property. GWS provided FF&E Installation, FF&E Liquidation, Onsite Storage and Project Coordination services for this hotel. GWS adapted and overcame the construction delays and was able to meet and service all needs of the client. Including re-installing new FF&E that needed to be replaced after the disaster, helping other trades in any areas they needed assistance to insure the project still opened on time and bringing in extra on-site storage containers for multiple uses. Request this case study >>

  • Real Estate Development | Riverside, California
    This LLC has over 20 years of experience in the real estate development, consultant and asset management fields. With the ability to identify emerging markets, this company sees high annual returns. They are a leader in their market and they utilize GWS anytime one of their investment properties incorporates a hotel. GWS facilitated the changes needed in order to meet the guidelines for the new build of a prestigious hotel. Along the way GWS was asked for advice and assistance on many things outside our scope of services due to our experience with these high standards. GWS provided FF&E Installation, Warehousing, JIT Deliveries and Project Coordination.
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  • Senior Living Centers | Nationwide
    GWS has been able to meet all the needs that HPA might throw our way. Many instances call for refurbishing certain items and we are able to have an expert on–site in order to satisfy this need. Many installations for HPA are completed in only one or two days, so time is of the essence. HPA likes to turn these renovations around quickly, so no tenant of the facility feels intruded upon. Request this case study >>