Introduction to GWS Hospitality

GWS Hospitality leads the industry by applying integrated project delivery LEAN methodology to custom solutions that fosters communication and promotes collaboration for our clients’ projects. This solution includes an integrated model with single-source accountability for all FF&E needs for either a new or renovated property. The result is a consistent sustainable business process that minimizes risk, reduces cost and improves overall quality with complete supply chain visibility throughout the process.


Integrated Transition Delivery (ITD)

Our Integrated Transition Delivery model offers the integration and collaboration for all services required in a new or renovated property. LEAN principles drive this integrated model of services to reduce waste and minimize touch points within a project. GWS Hospitality has an ITD Team that is best in class on all service levels. The team understands how to streamline efficiencies beginning with purchase order integration and provide complete supply chain visibility through proprietary technology and final installation services.

Project Management

The GWS Hospitality team has extensive experience within the industry. By leveraging their expertise, our project managers have complete accountability for the entire supply chain and also have the flexibility to create custom models for clients as needed. Our world-wide presence gives us the ability to provide standardized project management services for hospitality projects.

FF&E Procurement, Installation and Disposition

GWS offers the expertise to either assist with or acquire furniture, fixtures and equipment. As an FF&E specialist we are able to offer a wide range of services including product purchasing, installation and custom disposition solutions that promote GREEN initiatives.

Asset Management

With global distribution centers, GWS Hospitality provides consistent and efficient deliveries to new or existing locations. The flexibility of the GWS Hospitality asset management solution allows adaptation to any of its clients current sourcing and delivery strategies.

Facility Equipment Disposition

GWS Healthcare uses a proactive approach to disposition modeling that promotes GREEN initiatives into the process while maintaining the integrity of return on assets not programmed for future space. GWS Healthcare uses proprietary technology as a tool to promote every portion of the disposition distribution to maximize the value within the return on the assets while maintaining controls on the soft and hard cost.

RFID Solutions

GWS Hospitality can track equipment and FF&E from origin to activation for our clients’ expansions, renovations and new construction projects. GWS Hospitality’s RFID solution eliminates issues from the manual inventory management process by creating an efficient, automated approach.


With a global footprint of professionally managed warehouses, GWS Hospitality provides secure, clean and climate controlled storage options. Our insured warehouses are easily accessible to clients and are secured & monitored by our certified and knowledgeable staff. GWS proprietary technology allows clients instant access to assets through a secure, online portal specifically designed per client specifications.

Freight Management

GWS Hospitality has the logistics expertise to provide significant savings to our clients through effective management of all freight requirements for any project. Our web-based application is built specifically for the freight transportation industry and it allows our project managers to manage their client’s freight more efficiently and effectively. All load tendering, load building, invoicing and reporting is tracked through our system in real time, giving our clients and the GWS team up-to-date information.

Freight Services

GWS’ network of freight carriers can provide actual transportation services for all project shipments or selected lanes based on customer preference.