Introduction to GWS Healthcare

GWS Healthcare leads the industry by applying integrated project delivery LEAN methodology to transition delivery that fosters communication, promotes collaboration, minimizes risk, reduces cost and increases efficiency for our client's capital improvement projects. Our services can be selected individually or leveraged through a single source solution.


Integrated Transition Delivery (ITD)

Similar to IPD, in a collaborative approach to structure, our ITD model offers the integration and collaboration for all services required in a transition. LEAN principles drive this integrated model of services to reduce waste and minimize touch points within a project. GWS Healthcare has an ITD Team that is best in class on all service levels that understands how to streamline efficiencies and promote focused communication. From Equipment Planning to Transition-Move Management to Disposition, a single team with one source accountability and structure.

Capital Equipment Planning

GWS Healthcare brings a consultative approach to projects within the Healthcare industry which require equipment planning. A typical savings to a consultative approach varies, but can be as high as 25% across an entire project. This savings is the result of interviewing for needs and forecasting specific technology needs versus a commodity style room equipment layout. Equipment needs are generalized but also very specific to each client for functionality and market goals.

GWS Healthcare brings an innovative solution to the activation of a new project's FFE load. We have listened to the market and have developed technology to provide a specific chain of custody procedure that is visible throughout the activation process. This enables our client to customize the approach from initiation of the PO to the room validation. Whether it is utilizing our RFID technology integrated into the process or just utilizing our proprietary asset management tools, the supply chain process becomes very defined and predictable.

Activation Services

It is common to have a scope gap from specification of equipment to the actual activation into the new construction. GWS Healthcare has focused resources to being a leader in providing innovative solutions to this area of concern within the industry. From the inception of a PO until then room validation, GWS Healthcare has a solution through technology and process to fill this gap in process. We have a passive RFID solution that can capture equipment at gateways and report back to critical users and stakeholders in the building activation process. GWS Healthcare can provide second tier services to the architect or equipment planner with technology and process or work directly for the Owner as a primary provider for activation services.

Move Management

GWS Healthcare has managed over 5 million square feet of expansion and Greenfield project moves within the last 3 years. Our recent experience has enabled us to develop and promote current "Best Practices" in the move management arena through utilizing technology and collaboration with multiple leaders on the Owner's side of the partnership. Our network of downstream delivery agents provides consistent service utilizing our standardized approaches to move management with a network second to none in downstream deliverables. The integration of move management to moving services streamlines the overall deliverable to a project by using LEAN principles for project execution.

Facility Equipment Disposition

GWS Healthcare uses a proactive approach to disposition modeling that promotes GREEN initiatives into the process while maintaining the integrity of return on assets not programmed for future space. GWS Healthcare uses proprietary technology as a tool to promote every portion of the disposition distribution to maximize the value within the return on the assets while maintaining controls on the soft and hard cost.

RFID Solutions

GWS Healthcare can track equipment and FF&E from origin to activation for our client's expansions, renovations and new construction projects. Whether used in a hospital, lab environment or medical office building, GWS Healthcare's RFID solution eliminates issues from the manual inventory management process by creating an efficient, automated approach. With a solution that is both cost-effective and easy to implement, GWS Healthcare can help track and manage capital equipment and FF&E for today's healthcare projects, while improving the patient care process.

Additional Menu of Services

We are often asked to stay on past the project completion in a move add change role or other on-going services due to technology and local relationships built while on campus. GWS Healthcare can provide scalable solutions to future projects that require incremental ramp up or an outsource solution to multiple services offerings as a partner when scope creeps outside of existing staffing core competency.