XPM is our proprietary project management system built exclusively around the unique needs of FF&E. By integrating existing systems and XPM, GWS FF&E is able to ultimately provide efficiencies through automation for both daily churn and project relocations. With this technology, GWS FF&E can integrate quickly to clients’ existing IT standards and comply with the most demanding security requirements in both government and corporate environments.

GWS FF&E utilizes a web portal that enables our team to fully manage all details of the move process and share information specific to the project. This creates a central point of information and communication for all parties involved. The results are significant time savings, cost savings and effective communication for greater client satisfaction. Portal information includes:

  • Project initiation form
  • Project budget forms
  • Project process check list with notes
  • All vendor contact information
  • Project timeline
  • Any additional information client may need

Benefits to Client

  • Unmatched Industry Experience with Best Practices: National PM Platform which leverages best-in-class practices
  • Relationship/Vendor Management: GWS takes ownership which allows our clients to focus on their core competency
  • Reporting/Benchmarking: Real-time analysis of information to ensure correct and consistent business decisions
  • Proprietary Technology: Customizable to the clients’ specific needs

Proven Success

  • Standardization: Enhances communication through synergies
    • Quoting
    • Project Management
    • Operations
    • Invoicing
    • Reporting
      Analytical Power
    • Improves financial control through consolidated invoicing
    • Provides extensive reporting capabilities
  • Efficiency
    • Simplifies project initiation and execution
    • Increases efficiency of roles & responsibilities across disciplines
  • Universality
    • Increases overall workflow efficiencies for clients without existing technology
  • Adaptability
    • Written to be compatible with outside software to enhance reporting and invoicing