The GWS FF&E team offers the following services:

Furniture Consulting

  • Standardization & Protocol
  • RFP Management
  • IWMS Solutions (Integrated Workplace Management System) - software platform that helps organizations optimize the use of workplace resources

Furniture Procurement

  • Direct access to open lines of new furniture
  • Refurbish/Remanufactured options
  • Liquidated/Preowned options

Furniture Services

  • Decommissioning
    • Redeployment
    • Liquidation
    • Recycling
    • Donations
    • Employee Sales
  • Installation and Move
    • Panel cleaning
  • Asset Management
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics

Design & Space Planning

  • Develop detailed vision/space plan
  • Specification and plan review consulting services
  • Provide finishes and color selections

Refurbished Solutions

  • Closed Line Solutions
  • Review current furniture for reuse
  • Evaluate national stock in space type/product type
  • Select new paint and fabric finishes

Liquidated/Preowned Options

  • Closed line solutions
  • Evaluate national stock in space type/product type
  • Review availability and location
  • Review Electric for compatibility

Additional Offerings

  • Commercial, industrial and healthcare facility relocation services:
    • Move management services of planning and implementing moves of offices and facilities
  • Business management and consulting services related to the logistics and transportation services in the nature of planning
  • Scheduling and arranging the movement of physical assets of a business and business management services for the healthcare sector
    • Specifically capital equipment planning and sourcing and relocation transition planning
    • Procurement services, namely, purchasing furniture and equipment for others
    • Arranging of and buying and selling contracts of third parties of furniture and equipment.
  • Installation of furniture, computers and miscellaneous office items such as pictures, cork boards and name plates for commercial, industrial and healthcare facilities.
  • Warehousing and storage services for physical assets of commercial, industrial and healthcare customers.
  • Office and healthcare facility interior design, namely, furniture design, reconfiguration and space planning services.