Introduction to GWS FF&E

The GWS FF&E team provides unbiased positioning for furniture solutions. The independent approach blends new, refurbished and preowned options for client evaluation. The evaluation is customized to consider budget, timelines and matching existing products and finishes. GWS FF&E blends furniture expertise, technology and a national support team to provide the best solution to our clients.


GWS will evaluate your current portfolio for the following items:

  • Furniture Standards – or large quantities of similar furniture
  • Standardization and adherence to Master plan
    • Comprehend client’s multiyear strategy
    • Availability to client after project; replacement parts or additional stations
    • Volume for project vs volume repeat projects
    • Potential for sustainability
  • Typical Space Types – Benching, workstations, offices, huddle areas
  • Open and forecasted projects
  • Current FF&E being warehoused for reuse
  • Lifecycle of the portfolio
  • Ergonomics program
  • Quick ship needs for stocking – can be internet based for ease of purchase
    • Whiteboards, Nameplates, trash cans, etc.

Client Selection Process and Qualification:

  • Ease of installation and resourcing (Facilities)
  • Price (Procurement)
  • Sight lines (End User)
  • Cable management (IT)
  • Aesthetics (End User)

Review budget, schedule and scope with Client. Review the current furniture and where it is designated in the new layout, if at all.

  • Utilize the furniture evaluation and scope form
  • Obtain Autocad drawings and any specifications

Once client direction, scope and budget are understood, engage open line partner, liquidator or refurbisher.

  • Set up initial call to review project and timing
  • Send Autocad drawings and all specs
  • Review Presentation to client to include pricing. Review any outside materials needed (Mock up, samples of finishes, etc.)