GWS Education

XPM is our proprietary project management system built exclusively around the unique needs of various education institutions. XPM provides complete integrated services with GWS clients’ procurement teams. Our proprietary technology can be integrated with common industry accepted procurement software, allowing real time visibility to purchase order receipts and deliveries. This technology maintains all move management activities including dates, locations, and reservation information for reporting on single, project, group, and non-standard moves including libraries and computers. From a reports module, clients can customize reports for all of the information that is collected. XPM will control all invoicing in addition to project management and reporting.

Benefits of Reports

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By creating a client dashboard, we maintain live data for all performance standards and SLAs.

Project Dashboard

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Benefits to Client

  • Unmatched Industry Experience with Best Practices: National PM Platform which leverages best-in-class practices
  • Six Sigma Developed Process: Simple, common & repeatable
  • Relationship/Vendor Management: GWS takes ownership which allows our clients to focus on their core competency
  • Reporting/Benchmarking: Real-time analysis of information to ensure correct and consistent business decisions
  • Proprietary Technology: Customizable to the clients’ specific needs

Proven Success

  • Standardization: Enhances communication through synergies
    • Quoting
    • Project Management
    • Operations
    • Invoicing
    • Reporting
  • Analytical Power
    • Improves financial control through consolidated invoicing
    • Provides extensive reporting capabilities
  • Efficiency
    • Simplifies project initiation and execution
    • Increases efficiency of roles & responsibilities across disciplines
  • Universality
    • Increases overall workflow efficiencies for clients without existing technology
  • Adaptability