Introduction to GWS Corporate

GWS Corporate offers substantial value while delivering the highest level of specialized services. We provide fully integrated solutions within the workplace solutions platform. We develop a custom solution of services that you can select individually or all together through a single source solution.


Strategic Consulting

GWS Corporate works with your staff to provide recommendations for your new or existing facility and the MAC management process. Our team has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and will document baseline processes, technology and furniture standards for analysis. We create an RFP for these services and assist in the administration. Understanding the need for contract compliance, we assist in the creation of automated reporting utilizing our proprietary technology, XPM, for SLA and KPI tracking. Leveraging what we've learned from our current accounts, we provide best practices solutions by utilizing business metrics and field-based insights.

Management Services

The breadth and scope of our experience makes GWS unique in the marketplace. Our project managers come from a wide-range of backgrounds including: interior design, space planning, installation, move management and logistics. Utilizing XPM, we can provide a custom solution that encompasses all aspects of the project including: programming, conceptual block planning, workplace guidelines and move coordination, whether it is self-performed or variable assist in house resources. We look to join the project team early to document and provide oversight to all downstream services from inception to completion.

Tactical Delivery

GWS provides cost savings by leveraging services through various trade affiliations. As part of the project team, GWS can execute the project with the original intent in mind as a single point of contact for the following: installation, moving, disconnect/reconnect, decommissioning, logistics and warehousing. Our XPM technology captures all aspects above and allows GWS to provide holistic project reporting.